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Held at the Sunbreeze Conference Room, the consultation saw the attendance of several island tourism stakeholders from hoteliers, to restaurateurs and even tour operators.Opening up the consultation was Director of Quality Assurance and Industry Standards at BTB, Herbert Haylock, who introduced the concept behind SICCS.Government of Belize Places Temporary Restrictions on Movement in Belizes Portion of the Sarstoon River for One Month The Government of Belize announces that, after consulting with the Prime Minister, His Excellency the Governor General of Belize has made Regulations under Section 2 of the Public Safety Act, Chapter 142 of the Substantive Laws of Belize, RE 2011.The regulations prohibit persons and vessels, without lawful authority, from entering into Belizes portion of the Sarstoon River.Despite warning from the PM, BTVs expedition to the border is a go!Saturday, April 30th will mark the 157th anniversary of the 1859 Boundary Treaty that defined the borders between Belize and Guatemala.

According to the studies from the National Institute of Drug Abuse, almost 70% of students will have tried alcohol, half will have taken an illegal drug, nearly 40% will have smoked a cigarette, and more than 20 percent will have used a prescription drug for a nonmedical purpose during their time in secondary school.

A group of 13 peer helpers gathered to give an important presentation on drug awareness to the SPRCS students.

Since the ages of these students ranged from 11-14, it was the perfect opportunity for SPHS to instill the prevention of drug use in minors before they enter high school.

This program will provide certification based on various levels of commitment and adherence to standards focused on four areas: quality standards, procedures and policies, various aspects of operation (cleaning, complaints, customer service, etc.), sustainability of environment, and social responsibility.

Attendants were given the opportunity to become familiar with the regional SICCS certification program and its main goal.

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