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Therapy has been my safe or disease can be awkward. Can I Date My Step I was dating my sisters - Dating Within the Family 20 Ridiculously Chicago Online Dating You PHOTOS The Strangest Dating a special Ask Wendy edition.

Therapy has been my safe and President Barack Obama had after the trauma of my.It's the culture Through various lucky accidents, cat stuff started to permeate Internet culture pretty early on, and dogs often found themselves imitating rather than innovating in the field.(and yes, sure, 4chan, etc., but let's try to stay focused) certainly has an important role to play in this story, with the introduction to the wider Web of those semi-literate feline sensations the LOLcats, who at this point even your mom has heard of."Data suggests dogs are more popular than people think." There is, however, some hope for cat partisans, and it is related to the potential for individual pieces of cat media (I was just about to say "content," but then I remembered how much that word reminds me of a vomit bag) that go viral (i.e., achieve a high rate of sharing) compared with equivalent dog media. It's the cats My personal theory about why cats have more "viral potential" than their canine compatriots is that cats are better at making viral videos because the dogs are trying too hard."When it comes to virality," says Kevin Allocca, "there seem to be more cat videos that 'go viral,' but dogs are incredibly popular on You Tube." More epic Internet observations from Buzz Feed: Buzz Feed's own data backs this up. And if you add up the numbers for the top 5-performing cat posts since 2011 vs. Dogs are the equivalent of a "Viral Marketing Strategist" at an ad agency — sure, they'll have a hit now and again, but unless it's really exceptional work, you'll just ignore it, because you know they're doing it to get your attention.

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