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If they are overseas, they may say they are stuck and need to pay some expenses before they can fly home.

I know a woman who was scammed out of thousands of dollars by a guy that said he just needed more money to complete the job he was contracted for then he would pay her back after he got the check for the completed job.

There are lots of guys out there that prey upon women looking for love, AND the other way around.

They may do it in a passive way, just saying they cannot do something because they just had a streak of hard luck, or mention that their rent is due so they can’t afford something.

They tell you it is FREE to sign up, to create your account, but do not emphasize that to contact someone and participate, you must pay.

This leads to hundreds of sign ups every season such as when people get new computers for Christmas, summertime when they want to do activities, and when the weather gets cold and they don’t want to go to events just to meet someone.

This meant you might get a fake “contact” from a fake person or the service would tell you there was a message for you, but you have to pay to get the message.

This trickery meant you spent money for absolutely nothing. They may pay for an account then contact everyone they can, hoping one or two people take the bait and send them money.

Other singles told me it made no difference, or maybe even found the same people on the free sites.

You can also have a person you arrange to call at a specific time and set your alarm.

Do not leave the arranged location until you assess the person you are meeting and make your call. In the meantime, join in on events and sign up for our Central Coast Singles Newsletter.

One of the sites was an alternative lifestyle (sex) site, and one was a BDSM site.

That meant that women on the “normal” website were propositioned by men that had signed up for the other websites.

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