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My only guess is that they wanted these effects to look less than realistic so people wouldn't be offended by torture scenes, or else they just don't know how to do any better.

I haven't been able to read through all the reviews, anyone have any suggestions. Back from a exhausting holiday break with very ,very high temperatures of 45 degrees celsius (113 degrees farenheit!!! I've just finished viewing DH52 featuring the alluring blonde Aysis, and promptly I'll be posting my usual review (possibly Tomorrow)....any one out there (I'm sure Ralphus has) seen an ZFX production called "Vostock Core", any info would be appreciated. A few months ago, she made a personal appearance at one of Toronto's best porn shops. Maxine X is the only person I have ever heard of who is producing bondage movies in Canada.

The only two that left a favorable impression were zfx's "The Apartment" and Forbidden's "Moved to Tears." I did receive one a few weeks ago that surprised's called "Behavior Modification," and it stars some woman named Maxine X.

For the most part, it's just another unexceptional consensual bondage vid where Maxine is bound in various positions by two dommes and then whipped (lamely) and stimulated with sex toys.

It looks like she's restructuring her website right now, since only the main page is working.

Another year has ended, and sad to say, it wasn't a real good one when it came to the kind of bondage/rape movies that I like.

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