Dating a graflex speed graphic

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While other days it takes multiple attempts at getting it started. Two note to the discussion: Quality of the SS 120 reel makes a difference in ease of loading, Hewes/Nikor/Omega are some that I used and would recommend.

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Or maybe its just a job for somebody with more nimble fingers!

Like my M43 with the Pentax 110 18 mm, that lens does not need to be focussed either. I can put on a 45mm on my Pentax 67 or a 43mm on my Mamyia 7II and on a sunny day neither have to focus or meter a scene.

I have a development technique that will yield good exposure for any direction you point the camera on a sunny day all with the same shutter speed and f-stop.

It is quite a chore to take a shot and I will set up some dividers in the Tuff Box tool box to hold the roll film back and the ground glass screen and the M43 bellwether alongside the tripod. Did you know before getting the Pentax 75mm if it would have coverage?

I can process 35 mm HP5 with 100% success but I am not very happy about getting the 120 film into the spiral in the dark. I was just thinking that a 75mm/8 Super Angulon at for 5 may have been less risky if you were not sure.

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