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Fries are forgettable, Italian ice a mild diversion, but the beef is as good as it gets.Bari's an Italian grocer known for delicious sandwiches like their Italian beef -- house-made giardiniera, thick-cut beef with savory gravy, and a sturdy roll that will hold up to all that hearty stuff inside.

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The Swedes and Dutch arrived in Frankford as trappers.They've got quality beef and sausage, lots of bright spice flavor in the gravy, and peppers grilled by hand before they go on your sandwich.One sure sign that an Italian beef's above-average is if they have live charcoal burning for the sausages.The Italian beef is an honest sandwich, in that there's really nowhere to hide when all you're working with is beef, gravy, peppers, and giardiniera. And when it's good, it's either good, or it's one of Chicago's 10 best that Thrillist power-ranks. Despite Jay Leno waxing on about it, it’s mainly the location that gets this beef onto the list, as it's a rare, real Chicago joint in the Downtown area.I always feel the beef is a bit under-seasoned, even after you scoop on plenty of giardiniera.

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