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You can raft your boat at our dock, valet park your car, bring your dog on a leash, even your mother-in-law will enjoy; where the atmosphere is fun, relaxed, and the food is great.Coming from corporate restaurants; both owners, Elliot and Merv wanted to create an environment where their employees treat one another with respect.Our room service menu offers you the option of enjoying fine dining without leaving the comfort of your room.

After college, while working the pro shop at Carolina Country Club in Raleigh, NC I knew what I really wanted to do: I wanted to teach golf so players would have the skills to have more fun and get the most out of this amazing game.

But it’s really the way Herman gives a golf lesson that keeps his students coming back.

He eliminates the guesswork and his students are having fun.

If golf is your passion but you aren’t getting the most out of it, book an online golf lesson or contact Herman to arrange a private lesson.

This is something that we learned in the sand box and now we are taking it to the beach; Coconuts Waterfront restaurant, South Florida at its best.

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