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The coins the Imperial German Eagle on the reverse. It has a lettered edge " Hamburg’s official name, “Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg” reflects the cities long history as a free imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire and as one of the last members of the Hanseatic League.The Hanseatic League was a powerful guild that for hundreds of years controlled trade in the Baltic and North Sea areas.The obverse features the conjoined heads of the King and the Princess struck in high relief.The imperial German arms, date and denomination are on the reverse. The King married Charlotte in 1886 after the death of his first wife who left no male heirs.The pink and green 50 Mark note has the head of Germania at the upper right and left corners. A totally new and very impressive 100 Mark note was released.The front of the blue note features the heads of Mercury and Ceres and the German imperial crown.All six coins feature the Imperial German Eagle on the reverse and the denomination on the obverse. In 1910 Germany released four beautiful banknotes dated April 21, 1910.

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The obverse of their coins feature the city’s arms which portrays a three towered castle. The reverses depict the crowned German imperia eagle.The back pictures a seated figure of Germania holding a sword under an oak tree.At her feet are symbols of industry, farming and commerce, while three battle ships steam by.The Empire disintegrated as a result of World War I.This six-coin set includes the silver 1 Mark, which was minted from 1873 until 1916; the silver 1/2 Mark, minted from 1905 to 1919; the copper-nickel 5 and 10 Pfennig and the copper 1 and 2 Pfennig, which were minted from 1874 to 1916.

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