South florida dating scene

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(Read into that what you will.) Dating in Miami is a disaster, especially for the foresighted female with an end goal.While the question above is a multifaceted topic that can be dissected on many levels, let's begin at the beginning: the seemingly severe lack of eligible, quality, dateable dudes.“So many people are on there flirting that they often don’t take any of it seriously.

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Do your dating due diligence and you can avoid building castles in the sandbox.“As a society, we’ve lowered our bar of standards,” Martinez said.“Many people will text a provocative photo of themselves or engage in ‘sexting.’ Do not accept ‘sexting’ behavior. The ever-eternal inquiry, this pesky riddle persistently plagues Miami's single female set.And, much like the cockroach -- also a serious problem here in South Florida -- it just won't die.

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