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Talon is a gender-nonconforming child in a generally gender-conforming society.

"When he needs new clothes, we go to the girls' aisle," said Jorgenson, who has a background in child development and works as a family navigator for special-needs children.

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Since then, she says the other kids have been fine and Talon seems happy and is interacting well.

But not everyone has been on board with the approach.

The first time Talon wore a tutu to his preschool, he got teased. He came home sad, so Jorgenson spoke to his teacher, Jordan Nedved, at Charlie Brown's Daycare and Preschool in Mason City.

He has been more feminine than masculine for as long as his mother can remember, gravitating to princesses and American Girl merchandise rather than princes and toy soldiers. In fact he has asked his mother, Loni Jorgenson, if he can be one when he grows up.

She said yes, but doesn't know what that will mean — if it will involve a sex change operation or living as a transgender person.

All she knows is that she will, with his doctor's backing, support her son to express his identity as he experiences it — not force him to squeeze into a box he doesn't fit.

Its passage could protect people like Talon, who clearly didn't choose his gender identity, from falling into the hands of practitioners fraudulently claiming they can make him more masculine.

But the bill is unlikely to pass the Republican-dominated House.

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