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toys, we haven’t seen what the figures look like on card.

But thanks to e Bay user nutflush22, after the jump you can check out Kevin Flynn, Sam Flynn, Clu, Club’s Sentry, Rinzler and the Black Guard.

Remove the plates and spikes, and the Stegoceratops becomes a great real addition to the Jurassic World dinosaur lineup as a Nasutoceratops. Y4vkin Zz2 — Chris Pugh (@Chris Likes Dinos) September 15, 2017 Jurassic World was released in 2015, and much too the disappointment of many fans, there was no artbook sold nor concept art gallery on the Blu-ray.

I suddenly hated the idea but the toy still exists as a kind of remnant because Hasbro toys are locked a year out.” I have mixed feelings about the Stegoceratops.

I’ve been over hybrids before they were even featured formally, and while I dig the Indominus design, I feel this one is a little too outlandish.

“I had to spray paint the goggles in the kitchen, which made my wife really pleased.

I kept the room well ventilated but I wiped down surfaces afterwards and there was a bit of green paint on everything – even on the pepper grinder” Along with the goggles and as part of his press release, JC has produced a fantastic behind the scenes video (embedded above!

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Did the Fallen Kingdom trailer leave you hungry for more?Speaking to Empire Magazine in 2015, he had this to say: “In an earlier draft there was a scene where Chris [Pratt] and Bryce [Dallas Howard] come across another hybrid in the jungle. Okay.’ And for some reason I applied that to this other thing and felt like there could be only one [hybrid dinosaur].The idea that there was more than one made it feel less like the one synthetic among all the other organics, and suddenly it seemed entirely wrong to have it in the movie.I see they have two great looking Rocky and Apollo figures.I have the Ali and Hannibal Lecter figs from Neca, they are both 18 inch, with a talking feature, so I would assume these well be the same.

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