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"Gravity waves can emerge as a result of the perturbation of atmospheric circulatory systems.They encompass periodic, yet geographically stationary, changes in temperature, pressure and vertical wind components.Die Turbulenzen auf den ersten 1000m waren jedoch weit ärger als gedacht. Wr Neustadt West am 24.12., 152 km - ASH 26EFlying before and between snowshowers.Wind 310 / 35 -40 km/h which was to much for this weak thermals, so only flying in the dynamic lift. Wr Neustadt West am 17.12., 103 km - ASH 26EWie vorhergesagt: keine Wellen da zu labil, aber lange Zeit auch keine Thermik da zu feucht.Atmospheric gravity waves strongly influence weather phenomena and on a larger time scale climatic processes.

Secondary effect of such waves may also be encountered as clear air turbulence (CAT) in commercial flights.

An amazing trip this summer flying the Silent 2 Electro ER (Extedend Range) and the Yuma, both produced by Alisport.

Unbelievable experience and oustanding landscapes for what we believe to be..trip of a lifetime!

10.000 Bildern ein paar coole Eindrücke für euch in einem kleinen Video zusammengestellt.

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