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Lydia Woodward also returned as an executive producer and writer. Flint was replaced as co-executive producer by Christopher Chulack.

Chulack was previously a regular director and a producer for the third season.

While there, Greene visits his own parents, where he finds out that his mother is sick, and his relationship with his dad continues to be strained.

Back in Chicago, he begins to date new ER desk clerk Cynthia Hooper (played by Mariska Hargitay).

Thorpe had previously worked on the series as both a cinematographer and director.

Salamunovich was the series unit production manager for the first three seasons and continued to fulfill this role as a co-producer.

Season four opens with the live episode "Ambush", performed twice (once for the East coast, once for the West coast). Morgenstern, head of the ER, has a heart attack, threatening his life.

Weaver agrees to temporarily step in until he recovers.

This gets him fired and forces him to look for a job in Atlanta, and he asks Jeanie to join him. Later in the season, Jeanie cares for Anspaugh's cancer stricken son, because she is the only person able to get through to him.Unfortunately, when Morgenstern does come back, he cannot perform surgery like he used to do because he now knows what it is like to be a patient. Robert "Rocket" Romano (played by Paul Mc Crane), but their relationship sours towards the end of the season.After a surgical accident takes a man's life, Morgenstern decides to permanently step down as head of the ER and he leaves the hospital. Anna Del Amico, played by Maria Bello and a new British surgeon Dr. After she rejects Romano when he asks her out, he decides not to renew her fellowship.A lonely Corday starts a relationship with Benton, which causes friction with Benton's family because she is white.Weaver attends a Synergix seminar to see how to better manage the ER.

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